Amazon, the e-commerce giant has been reported to have launched a lofty project of creating a video games streaming service that lets players stream games rather than download and pay for individual gaming titles.

For the record, Amazon is already a notable video game retailer and operates one of the largest platforms for video game livestreaming with Twitch. Reliable sources report that the the new service is be similar to Sony’s PlayStation Now in its working principles. Amazon is said to be discussing with game publishers for potential games that can be included in the service. However the streaming service will take some time to be launched an will be released by 2020 at the earliest.

Amazon has not yet officially announced about the service, but The Verge has apparently spotted multiple job listings that indicate that amazon is attempting to build such as service. In one such listing it has openly been implied by the company that the role will be one of a technical leadership in shaping the basis of a AAA games business that is yet to be announced.

Other logical reasoning has also led experts to conclude that Amazon is planning such a service as the tech company is one of the few that already has a robust cloud computing infrastructure or the Amazon Web Services that can help it succeed in such a challenging endeavor on a mainstream consumer scale. Others who have created such games streaming services also rely on cloud infrastructures. For instance, the Sony PlayStation Now obtained its infrastructure from OnLive and Gaikai, two companies it purchased. Microsoft is dependent on its Azure cloud infrastructure for its Project xCloud while Google has a cloud infrastructure built for Project Stream initiative.

The service will necessarily stream high-end video games on low-end technology which will make buying expensive game consoles unnecessary. It should be mentioned that though such attempts have been made by several services previously none have achieved the effect that streaming services like Netflix had on the TV and film business.