Chinese technology magnate Baidu is reportedly planning to establish an AI cloud computing center in the Baoding city with an aim to expand its portfolio of smart city projects. Credible sources cite that a cooperation memorandum of understanding (MoU) has already been signed by the tech firm & Baoding’s municipal government, which enumerates the government’s permission to establish China’s second cloud computing facility in Baoding.

Reliable sources with the knowledge of the matter state that with Baidu depicting commendable advancement in the AI industry, the firm plans to further expand its horizons in projects that focus on AI. The firm aims to utilize artificial intelligence technologies to improve traffic monitoring in the city & other northern provinces.

Baidu’s first cloud computing center was built in Yangquan City, and the center apparently forms a part of the firm’s artificial neural network called as Baidu Brain. Both the centers essentially retain focus smart transport development.

Watson Yin, Vice President & General Manager, Baidu Cloud, was reportedly quoted stating that the escalating growth of IoT devices in conjunction with the robust adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) have been driving the demand for edge computing. Incidentally, edge computing is also one of the crucial factors that drives progress within Baidu’s ABC (Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cloud Computing) strategies, claims Yin.

For the uninitiated, the company, a few weeks back, even rolled out its AI boards – namely, the BIE-AI-Box and the BIE-AI-Board, to the public. While the BIE-AI-Box is a kit to help enhance in-car video analysis, the BIE-AI-Board is in essence, a chipboard for object classification tasks.

About Baidu:

Baidu, Inc., is a Chinese multinational technology firm, specializing in Internet-related services & products & artificial intelligence. Headquartered in Beijing’s Haidian District, Baidu is one of the biggest artificial intelligence & internet companies across the globe.