• The branded merchandise being sold on the amazon store includes products such as mugs, iPhone cases & hoodies.


  • The new store launch could mean that the company is seeking new mediums to get its branded products in front of more people.

Tesla, Inc. (Tesla), a renowned American automobile & clean energy company, has reportedly opened a new store on online shopping portal, Amazon, where it is selling a plethora of branded merchandise to customers.

Reports cite, the products that are available for sale on the store include things such as coffee mugs, clothing, iPhone cases & different diecast versions of the company’s vehicle models with the cheapest options being the hats & mugs, which over $25, and with expensive options, like the model tesla cars, priced at about $250.

According to a report by Electrek, all of the Tesla branded merchandise are being sold through Amazon’s members-only program, Amazon Prime, with the e-commerce company taking care of order deliveries & fulfilment. Eventually, Tesla could release more items in the store and have Amazon handle the fulfilment of other, potentially more important products.

Reports claim, the launch of Tesla’s new Amazon store could possible mean that the company is seeking out new ways its brand could proliferate into lives of more people on a day-to-day basis, thereby giving the company’s brand a sizable boost in terms of exposure.

For the record, this is not the first time Tesla has partnered with a well-known retailer to help give its brand exposure a boost. The automobile manufacturer had previously been in a partnership with American retail company, Home Depot, where it sold its energy products to customers. That partnership ended in 2018.

According to reports, the electric vehicle company is yet to make any formal announcements pertaining to the new Amazon store or any potential partnership deal it has entered into with the retail giant.