ANSYS, a US-based software company, has reportedly inked a definitive agreement to acquire Granta Design, the UK-based materials information technology provider. The acquisition is likely to provide ANSYS customers with wide access to material intelligence, including data that is quite vital to successful simulations.

An official press release by ANSYS claims that with the new collaboration between the companies, ANSYS customers will be able to benefit from the access provided to the world’s premier system for corporate material intelligence management and managing the market-leading solution for materials sources and selection.

With the latest incorporation, users can now quickly apply precise and traceable input data that will save them time and enhance their confidence about simulation results. The companies are further intending to associate ANSYS® Additive Print TM with the GRANTA MI.

For the record, Granta serves to sectors including aerospace, materials production, defense, automotive, and energy, while helping customers benefit through reduced cost, improved product performance, and quality.

According to Shane Emswiler, Vice President and General Manager at ANSYS, Granta Design is a pioneer in materials information technology sector. As materials engineering is proving to be a significant product development aspect, there is rising demand for comprehensive, high-quality materials information for achieving accurate simulation results. Shane further noted that incorporating Granta’s solutions into the portfolio of ANSYS will result in a brilliant user experience.

Reportedly, with the latest move, the customers of Granta can now expect a more convenient access to the gold-standard simulation technology of ANSYS. Granta is likely to continue its open ecosystem alongside integrating it with the leading product lifecycle management, computer-aided engineering, and CAD (Computer-aided Design) solutions.

About ANSYS:

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