The sampling events for the new beverage have been booked for several college campuses and music & sporting events throughout the U.S.

The beverage giant, Coca-Cola, has made it to the front page for launching a new beverage called Sprite Lymonade, that boasts of the addition of a subtle squash of lemonade to the lemon & lime-flavored soft drink.

Sprite Lymonade, currently available in the United States in 20oz PET bottles, is reportedly made with 1 percent juice and is created in line with the rising popularity of the sparkling lemonade. Sources close to the matter revealed that over twenty flavors had been trialed before the development team of the product finally settled with Lymonade, which is said to contain a sharp ‘tart taste twist’.

Sources further cited that a marketing campaign is likely to promote the new Sprite variant, that will include a TV advertisement featuring hip-hop duo, Rae Sremmurd, as well as a social media campaign that is bound to capture the fans’ utmost attention.

Ryan Hughes, the Associate Brand Manager for Sprite, was recently quoted saying that the company began to apprehend that it had a hit on its hands, as it was developing and trialing the product. Lymonade is a delicious combination of the crisp and sweet notes of Sprite and the tart-yet-smooth touch of lemonade. He added that the cross-category innovation is a uniquely different experiment with the company’s trademark as Sprite Lymonade has an exceptional name, look and taste. The company is backing the launch of Sprite Lymonade with a full-fledged media programme.

Industry experts believe that the ‘Coca-Cola Freestyle’ beverage dispenser, allowing consumers to blend different flavors and drinks, has apparently fueled the innovation pipeline of Sprite, in addition to the 2017 launch of Sprite Cherry Zero and Sprite Cherry.

Reports claim that the Coca-Cola Freestyle dispensers will start pouring Sprite Lymonade this very month, in a fascinating variety of flavors like strawberry, raspberry and peach, that too in zero-calorie versions.