Orgenesis Inc., has reportedly announced a collaboration with MangoGen Pharma Inc., aimed at pre-clinical development of insulin-producing cells through MangoGen’s innovative gene delivery platform.
As per trusted sources, the collaboration will see the two companies collectively develop and complete solution to deliver insulin-producing cells to murine animal models.

Sources claim that the company has also been awarded a funding grant by the Canada-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation. Vered Caplan, Chief Executive Officer of Orgenesis was quoted saying that the company looks forward to working with MangoGen, which is credited for the development of a revolutionary virus vector to deliver DNA using baculoviruses. Orgenesis believes that MangoGen’s baculoviral encapsulation and delivery system is capable of increasing the potency and performance of the company’s transdifferentiation technology, along with other cell therapies that are being developed, and those of the customers.

Caplan further elaborated that there are a number of advantages associated with baculoviral systems as compared to other vectors, owing to the fact that they refuse to integrate into the hosts DNA and therefore areunlikely to cause issues with mutation or immunogenicity. Using MangoGen’s baculovirus could possibly improve manufacturing processes and make goods more cost-effective for Orgenesis’ insulin-producing cells as well as other cell therapies. Orgenesis is rather pleased to receive the grant from CIIRDF, which further validates the technology, and is projected to help fast-track the company’s research, Caplan added.

Paul Plested, Chief Executive Officer of MangoGen Pharma, said in a statement that the company is delighted about the collaboration to further improve the manufacturability and efficacy of Orgenesis’ transdifferentiation technology through MangoGen’s baculoviral gene-delivery as well as encapsulation technology. The company believes there is potential for this technology within cell therapy and regenerative medicine industry. Plested further mentioned that Orgenesis is an ideal partner considering their expertise and abilities as a developer of advanced cell therapies as well as a leading Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization.