RX Functional Safety offers holistic functional safety support to industries, including shared fault analysis for dual-microcontroller structure and function which separates multifarious software applications.

In a recent turn of events, Renesas Electronics Corporation, a leading supplier of cutting-edge semiconductor solutions, has reportedly declared the launch of RX Functional Safety, a novel safety solution for industrial applications which decreases the intricacy of IEC 61508 SIL3 (Note 1) accreditation, which is an international functional safety standard.

On the basis of the RX suite of microcontrollers, the new-fangled solution offers advanced functional security for industrial equipment, encompassing features for chip self-diagnostics, the world’s first (Note 2) SIL3 certified functional security software, and reference material for customers to build the safety parts of use in industries, reported sources close to the development. The holistic functional safety support for business applications enables customers to cut-short the certification attainment process by about a year or more, claim sources.

Masataka Nakao, the Manager of Functional Safety Industrial Service Division at TÜV Rheinland Japan, was quoted stating that the functional safety requirements are expanding to a wider range of products, triggering enhanced needs for briefer development duration and reduced costs. Nakao also said that the Renesas solution which has been recently certified offers both the diagnostic functions needed in a functional safety microcontroller as well as functions which make it easier to reuse software resources.

We believe that the solution would enable both users new to building functional safety products, and users with functional security experience to enhance their development efficacy, Nakao added.

With a dual-microcontroller configuration, RX Functional Safety is intended to support all Renesas microcontrollers on the basis of RXv2 core to enable simple safety authentication and an extremely effective diagnostics software, claim market experts.

By employing the SIL3-certified software, the safety solution eradicates the need for users to build functional safety software dependent on Renesas microcontrollers and gives them the liberty to focus on software development for their own application components, cite trusted sources.