Reports indicate that Sennheiser India, the Indian arm of the Germany based audio company Sennheiser, is considering establishing a production facility in the country. It has apparently received an invite from Telangana government to set up a factory in the state.

Director (Professional Segment) of Sennheiser India, Vipin Pungalia, said in a statement that India is among the Top-5 markets for the company. It has been importing the products from Germany and now, there is a proposal for setting up a production facility in the India.

Pungalia mentioned, while addressing a press conference, that there is no immediate plan for this facility, though It is very much on the radar and is under evaluation as the market continues to grow. It could also take two to three years to take a decision. The company has also received an invitation from the government of Telangana, asking the company to build the factory in the State, he confirmed.

Pungalia further said that the manufacturing facility would most likely be situated in this part of the country. The company plans to export the products to other countries from India after it sets up a manufacturing plant in the country.

Sources familiar with the matter said the products’ professional segment account for 45 percent of the Indian business of Sennheiser, with top studios and singers preferring to acquire its audio systems and devices.

The company has showcased top-end most recent technological launches it has done in the last one year, in an event held in Hyderabad, with a major focus on professional segment that could include media and entertainment channels, production houses and music companies, among others.

For the record, Sennheiser is involved in the manufacturing and selling of microphones, headphones and wireless transmitters. It is betting big on the India and surrounding market and currently has four main production units with the largest one in Germany, followed by the U.S., Ireland and the plant in Romania, which had opened recently.