UpcoPay will eventually come to integrate SixthContinent that would help Upco expand its user base.

Upco International, which operates as a telecommunication company recently announced the launch of UpcoPay which is a secure, convenient and innovative eWallet solution that can be used to make person to merchant or person to person payments. It was announced that Upco users in Canada and Europe would be able to avail UpcoPay services from the beginning of spring 2019.

According to a statement, UpcoPay consists of front-end app and back-end software that can be used in transaction tracking as well as a range of other related functions. Reportedly, the live transaction processing is based on solution provided by eMoney plc., Upco’s banking partner.

Reliable sources report that Upco was working with eMoney over the past few months about the interface design and associated functionality of UpcoPay. eMoney will be supporting transaction processing internally as well as user onboarding within regulatory frameworks. The solution is also designed to provide inter-account transfers within eMoney. Overlapping development of the system is targeted to be completed by Q2, 2019.

According to reports, the next step for the solution would be the integration of SixthContinent Inc. with UpcoPay. Upco had signed a Collaborative Agreement with SixthContinent recently.

For the record, SixthContinent is among the leading international platforms for Shopping Cards and has a community of 400,000 users besides a network of approximately 3000 leading brands. The integration is expected to provide cost-effective support for purchases made through shopping cards and benefit Upco users while generating earnings for the company through transaction fees and services.

Andrea Pagani, Upco International Board Chairman has been reported to say that UpcoPay will mark a milestone for the company as commerce has effectively been reinvented by technology while mobile based digital purchases are disrupting the payments industry and the role it plays in transactions. Pagani said that he believes UpcoPay will come to play a key part in the evolution of commerce. He added that the integration with SixthContinent will further help Upco in expanding its user base.