Greggs Plc, the largest bakery chain in the UK, has made it to the cover page for releasing the long-awaited vegan sausage rolls in more than 1,800 of its stores across UK. Reportedly, the meat-free sausage roll made its debut last week and has already turned out to be the company’s best-selling launch in over six years.

As per authentic sources, Greggs latest vegan offering includes certain popular features of its classic sausage rolls such as ninety-six layers of the light and crispy puff pastry, however are instead made with a modified Quorn filling.

According to a report by The Guardian, the meat-alternative for sausage roll was launched at 1,950 Greggs’ shops on the 3rd of January, which coincided with the Veganuary movement of the month, which in turn triggered more people to embrace the healthy, plant-based diets. Sources further claim that Greggs is currently striving to keep up with the skyrocketing demand for the new £1 vegan sausage rolls.

Roger Whiteside, the Chief Executive of Greggs said that the vegan roll was launched in 900 stores initially and since went on to witness booming sales, given all the publicity surrounding it. He further affirmed that the company will need to gear up production and offer hand-to-mouth availability in the forthcoming two weeks.

If industry analysts are to be believed, Greggs has augmented sales and profits in spite of the high-street retailers struggling with the increasing business costs, weakening customer confidence with Brexit, and a shift to online spending. The company’s shares rose up by 7 percent to £14.61 after the December sales outran expectations. Thanks to the festive mince & bake pies, hot drinks, and breakfast range.

It has also been reported that the company is expecting a minimum of £88m pre-tax profits for the year 2018, as it recorded £81.8m pre-tax profits the previous year.

About Greggs Plc

Greggs Plc, UK’s largest bakery chain, specializes in delectable foods including sausage rolls, bakes, sandwiches, and a variety of confectionaries. The Newcastle-based company, established in 1951, is listed on the LSE (London Stock Exchange). Expanding considerably over the decades, Greggs now has over 1,764 outlets including 143 franchised ones.