Amul, the India-based dairy company, has made it to the headlines for launching camel milk as a new addition to its product line. Reportedly, Amul’s owner, the Gujarat Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (GCMMF), announced that the new product, which has been branded as ‘Amul Camel Milk’ will be available in the select markets of Gujarat including Gandhinagar, Kutch, and Ahmedabad.

According to authentic reports, Amul’s new camel milk is beneficial for people with dairy allergies as it contains zero allergens. Reports further claimed that one of the most prominent qualities of the milk is that it is rich in a specific insulin-like protein which is biologically useful for diabetic people.

Amul Federation’s Managing Director, Dr. R.S. Sodhi, was quoted saying that the company is apparently the first major dairy brand to launch Camel Milk that will be massively benefiting camel farmers and consumers alike. Sodhi further added that the easy-to-digest camel milk serving numerous health benefits to diabetic patients is likely to open up a new segment in the diary market.

The Amul Camel Milk, which will be initially sourced from Gujarat’s desert district Kutch, is priced at Rs. 50 and will be sold to customers in a PET bottle of 500 ml, cite sources familiar with the development. The camel milk will be needed to be refrigerated and will have a shelf life of about 3 days.

Amul, for the record, had previously introduced camel milk chocolates which received quite a good response from consumers.

As per a report by Indian Cooperative, Gujarat’s government has issued subsidies for the set-up of new camel milk-processing plants in Kutch. It has further been reported that Amul group has achieved a sales turnover worth Rs. 41,000 crore during 2017-2018, and industry analysts deem that it has set an outstanding example for other major industry participants.