Popular Asian brands including Muji, Oomomo, and Miniso have recently announced that they are planning for a massive expansion in the Canada market. Reportedly, these Asian-centric lifestyles & household goods retailers are launching more than 500 stores in the coming years in a bid to strengthen their globe footprint and meet the surging customer demand for popular Asian brands.

According to sources familiar with the matter, these expansions are most likely to include a colossal 25,000-square feet location at Markham, Toronto, set to open in the next spring.

As per genuine reports, Oomomo, which sells all its items under $15 CAD range, kickstarted with a location opened in Edmonton, back in 2017. The company has been looking to expand to new cities and envisions further growth, given the success enjoyed by contending companies such as Dollarama Inc. Oomomo’s President, Andy Cheng, said that the company is bound to grow more popular and will expectedly open around 30 stores in the country within the coming three years.

It has been further reported that Muji and Miniso are also following suit, with the former, a leading fashion store, looking forward to the opening about 30 stores in Canada by 2025. Muji, which currently has huge stores in Toronto and Vancouver, is now apparently targeting the Canadian regions Quebec and Alberta in the upcoming years.

Miniso has no intention to slow down when it comes to the much-awaited Canadian expansion. Miniso Canada has reportedly resolved issues pertaining to a tense legal conflict prohibiting its sales in Canada.

Industry experts believe that Canada is seeing multiculturalism play an important role in the retail sector. Canada, for the record, welcomed 50 new international retailers alone in 2017, with Toronto outranking a number of US cities to become the greatest market for international expansion in North America.