Leading chemicals giant BASF has made it to the headlines for introducing its newest insecticide Ventigra™ for the ornamental market. As per trusted sources, with an innovative mode of action, the product will act as an excellent resistance management tool for greenhouse and nursery growers, offering precision-targeted pest management to prevent piercing-sucking insects such as whiteflies, mealybugs, aphids, and scales.

Dave Poling, United States Marketing Manager, Professional and Specialty Solutions at BASF, said in a statement that today’s plant growers are increasingly exposed to pest pressures along with widespread insecticide resistance from overuse of existing products. Ventigra™ insecticide is a precise, progressive, and powerful pest management solution that helps growers uphold sustainable practices and grow high-quality plants, Poling added.

According to sources familiar with the product, Ventigra™ insecticide moves through the leaves to control pests that reside and feed on the underside of leaves. Its fast onset action makes insect feeding stop instantly, restraining the transmission of viral pathogens and plant damage, while also delivering prolonged residual control.

Sources also claim that Ventigra™ insecticide is also effective in conjunction with beneficial insect population such as predatory mites and pollinators in grower operations as well as does not have any long term effect on bee population, including health and development of the colony.

JC Chong, Extension Specialist, Turf and Ornamentals Entomology at Clemson University, was quoted stating that Ventigra™ insecticide delivers faster knock-down of whitefly and aphid populations.

When applied at the label rates, it substantially reduces the numbers of whitefly and aphid nymphs within three days of application – offering more than 28 days of control for both pests, Chong added.

For the record, BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division works with farmers, pest management experts, and agricultural professionals to develop and maintain sustainable agriculture and healthy environment.

Hence, BASF heavily invests in strong R&D pipeline and broad portfolio comprising of seeds, chemical and biological crop protection, plant health, soil management, pest control, and digital farming, reported sources.