Duke Energy, an electric power holding company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is currently in the news for commencing the 74.9 MW Hamilton Solar Power Plant in Jasper, Florida.

Reportedly, the new power plant, which is carbon-free, deploys solar energy for electricity generation and is capable to supply electricity to about 20,000 homes at peak production. Around 1.8 million customers currently attain the benefits of 300,000 solar panels throughout the company’s Florida service territory, cite relevant sources.

Catherine Stempien, the State President of DEF (Duke Energy Florida), was reported saying that Duke Energy’s solar projects provide customers with colossal amount of renewable energy in the most economical and efficient fashion. She further added that the Hamilton solar power plant is a part of the company’s ongoing strategy of offering diverse, sustainable as well as smarter energy solutions that are highly valued by the customers.

As per a report by Energy Digital, Duke Energy had broken ground for the Hamilton solar project in July 2018. The project, which was originally developed by the US-based energy storage development company, Tradewind Energy Inc., was eventually completed by Duke Energy.

Duke Energy revealed in a statement that the company had started building and operating PV solar projects for its commercial business customers from 2009. The company currently holds over 100 MW of generating capacity at about 17 solar farms in the US. It was further reported that the company is also making strategic and targeted investments in transportation electrification along with battery storage technology in a bid to boost the growing adoption of EVs (electric vehicles) across the US.

For the record, Duke Energy has a generating potential worth 49,500 MW (Megawatts) and employs around 29,000 workers. It also owns assets in Canada as well as Latin America. It further intends to install 700MW solar energy by end of 2022 in Florida.