Goldwind would be supplying turbines for an Australian hybrid project, the construction for which is scheduled to begin in late 2019.

Reports indicate that Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Goldwind would be supplying turbines and managing construction at Kondinin site of Lacour Energy, located 280 kms east from Perth, south-west Australia.

According to reports, the appointment of Goldwind Australia was announced by Lacour Energy after the manufacturer secured state and federal approval for the Kondinin project. Wind power capacity which is due to be installed at the project has not yet been confirmed by Lacour, however, the planning documents suggest that it would be somewhere around 120MW.

Lacour has stated that the construction for the project is scheduled to start by late 2019 and would be lasting about 18 to 24 months, indicating that it could be completed by late 2021. The developer would apparently be capable of connecting the solar and wind components of Kondinin to an existing substation within the network of Western Power.

Mark Rayner, Director of Lacour Energy, said in a statement that together with the strong wind resource available in the area, Kondinin could become one of the lowest costing energy projects in Australia. The company further said that the production of wind power which mainly happens at night is complementary to the daytime production of solar energy.

Records show that Lacour is also developing a hybrid project of 1GW-plus capacity in Queensland, north-east Australia. The developer had received the state government’s approval, in June 2018, for the Clarke Creek project. This project would comprise of between 200MW and 400MW of solar PV capacity, over 800MW of wind power capacity as well as an unspecified battery storage facility.

Goldwind is purportedly due to supply 195 wind turbines to the Clarke Creek project. Moreover, other developers have also been planning on adding storage and/or solar capacity to Australian wind farms. Neoen, Infigen, Windlab and CWP Renewables are some of those involved in developing several of Australia’s hybrid projects.