Kemin Industries, a multinational ingredient maker focused on enhancing the quality of life for over half the world’s population, has recently declared the expansion of its production plant in India, based in the SIPCOT (State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamilnadu) industrial estate.  If reports are to be believed, this would enable Kemin to better serve the growing demand for specialized nutritional ingredients which address the region’s quickly growing animal protein industry.

Dr. Chris Nelson, Chief Executive Officer and President, Kemin Industries, was quoted stating that South Asia plays a pivotal role in the worldwide animal feed industry, creating over 35 Mn tons of compound feed. On account of rapid economic growth in Bangladesh, Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka, the total demand for animal proteins is surging in the region, Dr. Nelson said.

Dr. Nelson further elaborated that this is the reason why Kemin decided to fund and grow the production capacity at its existing Gummidipundi plant close to Chennai. Kemin always seeks opportunities to better meet its customers’ needs locally and deliver high-quality solutions and products. This capacity expansion is yet another example showing how Kemin puts its customers first, added Dr. Nelson.

The new high-tech facility is reportedly one of the most sophisticated factories in Kemin’s global portfolio to manufacture metal propionate trace minerals. The new plant’s Integrated Organic Mineral Production System guarantees highly efficient organic trace minerals in diverse combinations for animals. The manufacturing facility for liquid products is also substantially enhanced in the new plant, cited sources. Reportedly, the facility has also attained new endorsements and certifications to better serve Asian customers of Kemin Food Technologies.

G S Ramesh, Group President of Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health, was quoted stating that for over twenty years, Kemin has registered a strong foothold in South Asia feed manufacturing. As the demand for meat manufacturing surges in South Asia, the need for company’s value-added goods is set to escalate. The added capacity in Gummidipundi would equip the company to meet the ever-increasing demand for Kemin’s premium feed ingredients, Ramesh added.