The Kincardine windfarm is the world’s first floating project to feature over 9-MW wind turbines

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, a wind turbine OEM for the offshore wind industry, has reportedly agreed to supply five wind turbines of 9.5MW (megawatts) for the Scotland-based Kincardine floating offshore windfarm to be stationed in Scotland.

Relevant sources stated that the Kincardine offshore wind project is the second floating offshore windfarm to have the contribution of MHI Vestas. Sources added that the Kincardine project, which holds a maximum capacity of 50 MW, has been aiming to establish a new standard for floating offshore wind, amidst an industry that is advancing towards utility scale projects.

MHI Vestas had originally signed the agreement with the Spanish developer & construction firm Cobra Group, which is a part of the ACS Group, in 2018. The contract was signed with Cobra Wind International Limited (CWIL), the UK offshore division of the Cobra Group. Apparently, the latest deal has Scotland positioned at the foreground of offshore wind innovation, since this is the first floating project around the globe to be featuring the V164-9.5MW wind turbines.

According to a press release issued by MHI Vestas Offshore, Kincardine, which is situated about 15 km southeast from Aberdeen Bay, will feature a single V80-2.0MW turbine which has already been installed, besides the 5 V164-9.5MW turbines. In addition, the six-turbine project will be located in water at around 60 to 80 meters of depth and will also be including Windfloat semi-submersible foundations.

Phillipe Kavafyan, the Chief Executive Officer at MHI Vestas, was recently quoted stating that the incorporation of the company’s technology & experience into the Kincardine project in Scotland is likely to develop its leadership in the floating offshore wind industry. The project also determines the firm’s long-term commitment towards all commercial-scale, floating offshore wind projects to be developed in the future.

Reportedly, the turbines will be installed by spring 2020 and MHI Vestas further revealed that the deal includes a 10-year service & maintenance agreement.