Australia’s leading energy company Viva Energy Group has made it to the headlines for entering into a power purchase agreement with Acciona Energy intended to supply electricity to its oil refinery from a wind farm. Viva Energy announced that the agreement would secure pricing on approximately 100-gigawatt hours of electricity per year from the Spanish firm’s Mt Gellibrand Wind Farm.

This equals nearly a third of the annual power requirements of Viva Energy’s refinery in Geelong which was built in 1954 and can refine up to 120,000 barrels of oil per day.

Reportedly, the Mt Gellibrand facility comprises 44 turbines and possesses a capacity of approximately 132 megawatts. It was completed in 2018, with the power purchase agreement amid Viva Energy and Acciona effective from January 2019.

Scott Wyatt, the Chief Executive Officer of Viva Energy stated that availability of reliable and affordable electricity is pivotal for the company’s refining operations, which need to run continuously and be able to contest with major refineries overseas.

Wyatt further mentioned that Viva Energy’s research unveiled that renewable energy is extremely competitive with present sources of production, which can be a feasible and sustainable part of the energy mix for businesses similar to Viva Energy.

A press release by Viva Energy quoted Brett Wickham, MD of Acciona Energy Australia, saying that companies such as Viva Energy understand the value of securing a reliable price for energy.
Moreover, Acciona is thrilled to be working with the company on this corporate PPA, which aids in underwriting the Mt Gellibrand wind farm and shares their dedication for higher energy efficiency and sustainability for industrial processes, Wickham said.

For the record, Viva Energy is one of Australia’s leading energy company that fulfills almost a quarter of the country’s liquid fuel needs. The company is also the exclusive supplier of premium quality Shell fuels and lubricants across Australia employing an extensive network of over 1,200 service stations throughout the country, cited sources.