Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd, has recently announced that the company has supplied its 1500V inverters, which includes a complete solution for local medium voltage, to a solar PV installation of 400 megawatts (MW).

Spain-based Solaria Energía y Medio Ambiente has allegedly commenced the construction of the first parks situated in Toledo, Salamanca, Valladolid, Cáceres, Cuenca and Huesca. The electricity generated from the 12 power plants equipped with over 1,100,000 photovoltaic solar modules apparently equals the annual electricity demand of a city incorporating 150,000 residents.

Jack Gu, President, PV & Energy Storage Division, Sungrow, mentioned that the company would be supplying clean and green energy to the local communities that would further create jobs and have a positive effect on the local economy, assuring the sustainable livelihoods of future generations.

Solaria Energía y Medio Ambiente’s Managing Director, Darío López, was quoted saying that Sungrow has proved itself as a reliable and solid partner for the company. Solaria is now delighted to move this relationship to a new level, amid the backdrop of Spain projected to boast of 20 GW of new solar PV installations till 2025, López adds.

Further from the reports, the advanced three-level technology inverter solution has a maximum efficiency of up to 99 percent. This turnkey solution’s prime features that investors and project developers are focusing on include low installation and transportation cost due to container design, among others.

Sources familiar with the matter cite that the 1500V central inverter solution from Sungrow is an ideal match for the typical climatic condition in Spain – both in terms of altitude as well as high temperature.

For the record, Sungrow is a leading inverter solution supplier across the globe, with more than 68 GW of installed global capacity as of June 2018. Solaria on the other hand, is dedicated to renewables and more specifically to solar PV power generation.