•  With the launch, the company eyes a massive market size that is projected to reach $4.5 billion by 2022.
  •  The launch comes under the company’s ongoing efforts to tap into new, emerging segments.

Subex Ltd. (Subex), an Indian telecom analytics solutions provider, has reportedly announced that it has launched a brand-new unit, CrunchMetrics that would be offering artificial-intelligence (AI) enabled anomaly detection solutions to company clients across several domains.

Reports cite, the new unit has been launched as a new division of the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Subex Digital LLP, in a bid to boost the firm’s revenues from novel technological solutions apart from foraying into new domains beyond telecommunications, where the Bengaluru-based company has mostly focused upon.

According to a press release by Subex Ltd., the CrunchMetrics units would be facilitating anomaly detection solutions to organizations that are struggling to properly make use of their high volume of data. The anomaly detection would allow forms to find a ‘needle in a haystack’, thus enabling low latency decision making.

The CEO & MD of Subex Limited, Vinod Kumar stated that the addressable issue, as well as the market size for a new solution, is massive and with investments and focused efforts the company is confident of generating an impact by providing value to its customers. Kumar further added that through a business perspective, the new unit marks the company’s entry into new verticals such as retail, fintech & e-commerce segments that consume a significant amount of data.

Over one & a half year ago, the company had already created two subsidiaries that specifically focused upon digital technology areas. The CrunchMetrics launch comes as a part of this initiative through which the firm would tap into emerging segments.

According to reports, the company, through CrunchMetrics launch, aims to carve itself a sizable chunk of a massive market that is projected to reach $4.5 billion by 2022.