The Makani energy kite project of the Alphabet group is reportedly graduating from the X Moonshot Factory. Sources familiar with the development claim that the collaboration with oil & gas mammoth Shell would expand to offshore environments as part of gaining the status of an independent Alphabet firm.

Makani project is reportedly another take on wind-powered clean energy solutions that do not leverage huge turbine deployments, but still generate power at utility-scale. Joining X Moonshot in the year 2013, giant kites which appear similar to gliders are fastened to base stations and soar autonomously in loops. The vehicle’s four propellers produce electricity that is delivered down the tether, cite trusted sources.

Makani’s base stations were traditionally tried on land, but as per the separation, the kite project would be transferred to offshore environments with support from energy mammoth Shell, stated sources with the knowledge of the matter.

According to a company press release, several people stay within twenty-five miles of a coastline where winds are steady and strong, but two-thirds of coastal waters across the globe are extremely deep for existing wind technology to affordably access these resources. This is an area where Makani can offer substantial help, claimed the press release.

As per market analysts, in comparison to present offshore wind installations at water depths higher than fifty meters, Makani does not require the support of giant platforms. The kites are 90 percent lighter in weight than turbines having the same power rating and would be installed on a small sized spar buoy moored with gravity anchor and synthetic line, stated analysts.

Reportedly, Makani has plans to continue testing in Hawaii, with equal focus on scaling the technology commercially. For the uninitiated, this is one of the few X energy projects which is directly associated with Alphabet, unlike Malta and Dandelion.