The California-based security software firm McAfee, LLC has announced that the company is partnering with Verizon, an American telecom magnate, for providing protection throughout the home network with the aid of the latter’s Home Network Protection (HNP).

Sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter claim that the solution provides Verizon Fios customers with an easy-to-use and seamless security system which also provides parental controls, protects against malicious websites along with protecting the devices that are connected to the home network.

As per credible reports, a research study from McAfee shows 80 percent of parents being worried about their child having interaction with a cybercriminal or social predator online.

McAfee’s general manager for mobile and ISP business units, Shailaja Shankar, was quoted saying that since homes now are more connected than ever, it is imperative that customers look beyond their PCs for keeping their information and devices safe. She went on to add that Verizon shares the security software firm’s vision to make homes a secure space and that the firm is glad about Verizon having chosen McAfee to ensure that its customers are safe from online threats.

A report by the IoT Tech News claims Darren Kaufmann, executive director of Verizon, to have said in a statement that the company is committed to providing security solutions which would assist Verizon’s customers in enjoying their digital lives to the fullest. The company, in partnership with McAfee, will ensure that the home network is secure, and that the parents stay unperturbed knowing that they have the simple tools needed for providing a safe online environment for kids.

Industry experts claim that the popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices’ continues to rise at a notable rate. Indeed, estimates state that 10.5 billion connected devices are likely in homes by 2020, as per reports.