Nordex Group has recently won new project orders for wind farms in Greece, for a total capacity of more than 108 MW. It has been confirmed that a total of 36 machines with a capacity of 108 MW of different models have been ordered by Terna Energy SA, which includes a contract of Premium Service covering five years and with an option to extend it to another five years.

Reportedly, Terna Energy has under construction, operating or fully licensed projects totalling 1,287 MW of RES installations in the USA and in Europe. At present, the total installed capacity of Terna Energy Group is 986 MW. It has total units of 132 MW in Southeast Europe, 293 MW in USA, and 561 MW in Greece. Along with this, the company has ready for construction or under construction about 301 MW, abroad as well as in Greece.

According to reliable sources, in 2018 the Nordex Group had opened its sales office in Athens and reinforced its major activities in Greece. With a wider expansion of its local presence and newly profound strategy, Nordex is able to manage the projects more effectively in Greece and focus directly towards the customers’ requirement.

The group has recently received its very first order for a 23 MW project from Luxembourg for the Wincrange wind farm, where the manufacturer will be providing seven N131/3300 turbines. In addition to this, the Nordex Group has signed a Premium Service Agreement of 20 years.

Apparently, the group has attained tremendous success in Italy, which includes a contract for a wind farm to supply seven N149/4.0-4.5 turbines. Another Premium Service Agreement for about two years is also a part of the contract.

Senvion, the German counterpart of the company, has allegedly secured a contract of 30MW with Renexia in the Italian Mediterranean Sea for the very first offshore wind farm in the area. The wind farm would have many features, including ten 3.0M122 turbines of Senvion located on monopile base in deep water, ranging from 3 to 18 meters.