Unilever PLC, the Anglo-Dutch consumer goods giant, has reportedly joined forces with Italian chemical company Bio-on to present a brand-new line of environment-friendly sun creams.

Reportedly, the new products that are developed by Bio-on are most likely to be sold by Unilever with the brand name My Kai. My Kai sun creams will be available on store shelves in March this year.

As per credible sources, the two companies have crafted a range of sun-protection products made using Bio-on’s all-natural, biodegradable bioplastic and contain high-performing SPF boosters.

For the record, the bioplastic micro powders were first introduced by Bio-on in 2017, which are designed for cosmetics, keeping in mind human and environment health.

Reportedly, the new product line is built on the excellent expertise of Bio-on and Unilever. The product containing UV filters stands on the purpose to screen against UV radiation and is aimed at meeting rising consumer demand for sustainable products and concerns regarding protection from the harms caused by exposure to sunlight. The reports further revealed that the companies have come together to limit their concentration in the cosmetics formulas, with no compromise on performance.

It has been reported that UV-B rays are the most common cause of sunburn and sun erythema, while UV-A rays are responsible for the long-term effects of photoaging, blood vessel damage, and photocarcinogenesis.

Fulvio Guarnieri, the CEO & Chairman of Unilever Italia, commented on the latest move and said that Unilever is parallelly fulfilling two objectives of Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) business model – where on one hand My Kai is targeting to help over a billion people to improve health & wellbeing by 2020 and on other is trying to reduce its products’ environmental impact by 2030.

Unilever shares in London were trading lower by 0.5% at 3,957 pence each, while Bio-on shares in Milan were higher by 2.1% at EUR 62.60 each.